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Trinity Fence Co., Inc. is proud to offer a wide variety of fencing choices. We understand your budget plays an important role in the fence you choose as well as your individual needs. All of your fences are built with the same high standards. The materials chosen by you will determine the overall quality and life span of your new fence. New options such as steel posts, pressure treated baseboard and stain/sealer will extend the life and beauty of your new fence.
Post Information
Posts for 6' tall fence are spaced approximately 8' apart. Posts for 8' tall fence are spaced approximately 6' apart
Treated Posts
are an economical choice (Warping, splitting, twisting can be a problem with these posts).
Galvanized steel posts
Always .095 gauge are your best choice and will be at set 24" deep in concrete unless specified otherwise.
Nail Information
All nails will be genuine Duo-Fast galvanized ring-shank nails (no cheap generic brands that rust are used).
Spruce/Whitewood Fence
Spruce fences are most economical and will last up to 8 years. This material makes a great starter fence and is commonly included with new homes.
Spruce/Whitewood is an economy wood; irregularities and blemishes are common and should be expected. Texture and color also may vary.
Cedar Fence
3 grades of cedar are available; all weather and wear the same. Their general appearance is different. Cedar fences with steel posts should easily last 15 years plus. Cedar is a great outdoor wood and is naturally weather resistant.
Standard #2 Grade Cedar Pickets
This is the least expensive of the three cedar choices. Knots are all sizes and plentiful. Some blemishes should be expected. Colors vary from light to dark brown.
#1 grade or Full Cut Cedar Pickets
Finer in appearance and fewer blemishes. Knot quantities and size are unpredictable, though generally knots are fewer and smaller than #2 cedar.
Clear Grade Cedar Pickets
These premium pickets are very consistent and 99% knot free. Minor blemishes are rate and are deemed acceptable. We strongly recommend choosing this wood when knot size, quantity, or overall appearance is a concern.
2"x4" Heavy Duty Rails
Rails are the horizontal boards that connect between the posts and serve as framework of the fence. 2x4 rails are much larger and stronger than 2"x3" rails. These rails also substantially extend the life and strength of your fence. (Highly recommend with additional weight of :Board to Board" option).
2"x6" Treated Baseboard
These pressured treated boards will not rot and stand on edge between the ground and the bottom of the fence. This increases the height of the fence, adds additional support, and helps keep the bottom of the fence from rotting.
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